Friday, 4 August 2017


 Today at technology (Tamaki college) we built our own design for our self or for someone special we wanted to give it too. My design was a boat, a 80 mm long boat. Our Teacher for wood craving was Mr Grandi, he is really strict at times but that's what's funny about Mr Gradi. That's why Mr gradi suits he's job. We have 2 more weeks with Mr Grandi, so I'll do the best as I can do to make my design.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Earthquakes, 3 states of matter and insulation

For science intensive we learned about 3 special things... Earthquake's, the 3 states of matter and insulation. First of all I'd like to describe those 3 special things by starting with the best one I thing.

We learnt about Earthquakes with Mrs Sigamoni and it was amazing looking at one but If one comes your way, your in a load of trouble but luckily I have a way to be safe and to get out of your house when an earthquake occurs. First of all get down to the nearest table you can find, so you can get out harm from falling light's or any thing that's attached to the roof or if the roof collapse. When you make it down to the table try and make your way safely to the exit and there you go your out of your house. Here is a link you can find more information how earthquakes happen
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3 States of matter: 
The 3 states of matter Gas, liquid and solid. It was incredible learning about the 3 states of matter and how it can form rain what's even better was the teacher that was teaching us Miss stone. Now i'm saying that Miss stone is the best teacher in the whole school but she was very cool when we were near both recess and interval.
It was fun learning about insulation because it's so surprising how it can make your house warm even when it's cold outside and when it's so hot outside, it can make your house nice and cool. The reason why a house with insulation can be warm and cold is because of the pink pads. Pink pads are made out of wool and cellulose, fibreglass, and mineral rock or slag.

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Fitness with Mrs Gray

Today we had our morning fitness with Mrs Gray. sadly our teacher Mrs Tofa was sick so we had Mrs Gray.It was a lot different than what we had with Mrs Tofa because the only thing we done with Mrs Tofa was Stretching, than straight on to bulrush but today we had 3 rounds around the court than we got arranged into 2 lines to get ready for relay. After our relays we turned around and went straight to our (class room 7).

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Today I and room 7 had lots of fun with miss stone, doing science. we learned about solid, liquid and gas and made a shape with chocolate. unfortunately our piping bag was already filled with dry chocolate so we couldn't make a good shape but it was fun trying.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

G.I History

Here is a little information about the G.I. history. My reading group "Weka", we worked on Glen Innes history and here is some facts from the article I read.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Today I and my class went down to the courts to play some netball for P.E. First Mrs. Tofa split us into to two lines and made us pick our own positions. My position was GK (Goalkeeper). A goalkeeper is when you try and save the ball from getting into your netball hoop.

The people that were a sub for the netball team could play another activity with the new teacher (Miss Ogram). Miss Ogram is a student teacher from Auckland university, She is coming here for five weeks looking at glenbrae school.

Every Time when Mrs. Tofa blows her whistle we rotate to netball to Miss Ogram with her netball activities.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Holiday recount

During my holiday, it was my brother’s birthday 21 of April. We celebrated my brother's birthday at this place called Time Zone. Time zone is a place where there are so many games and yummy food. There were also bumper cars and laser tag. Bumper cars were the best because you get to bump cars and take over cars. After all of the amazing games we played, we sang a happy birthday song to my brother Moses.

When we finished celebrating my brother's birthday at Time Zone we went to the cinemas and watched The fate of the furious. That movie was awesome to watch. We thanked our parents for taking us to many places.

After a few days past by my sister texted me and my brother on our phones that were going to the Warriors vs Roosters NRL game. We were really really happy, when we got there we saw our teammates from our rugby team Eavan and Trent. The first thing we said to each other were “Where are you guys sitting?” we said. “Block D,” they said.  We were also sitting at Block D so we were sitting next to each other.

When the game came close to the end the points were 13 for Warriors and 13 for Roosters. The Warriors had a penalty right next to the try line, the time for the game was only 80 seconds, so that's when the Warriors took the conversion and add two more points to their 13 points they had before. There were 10 seconds on the clock till the time runs out 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! The game finished.

At the end of the game, we all went home and ate some more food and sleep. That's my holiday.